Computer-Assisted Stance & Gait Analysis

This state-of-the-art piece of equipment allows us to see exactly how a dog is weight bearing.

Computer-Assisted Stance & Gait Analysis


We now offer Computer Assisted Stance and Gait Analysis; this state-of-the-art piece of equipment allows us to see exactly how a dog is weight-bearing. This can be used to aid diagnosis as we can see exactly which limbs are carrying what percentage of the dog’s weight, it can also pick up problems of weight shifting and changes in gait before these can be seen with other forms of assessment. It also enables us to monitor a dog’s progress during therapy. It is a useful tool to monitor fitness in sporting and working dogs, and again allows us to pick up any problems long before they can be seen by other assessment means.

We are then able to provide a report on the dog’s stance and gait to both owners and their vet.

Veterinary Surgeons and other Therapists are invited to refer their clients to us for computer-assisted stance and gait analysis. We will provide you with a report on how the dog is weight bearing and any weight shifting and any changes in gait that are occurring.

Computer-Assisted Stance & Gait Analysis

Stance & Gait Analyser

Our stance and gait analyser provides a report after taking several readings a second of how a dog is standing and moving. It records the weight distribution across all limbs, it also provides information on the dog’s centre of gravity and stability which can have balance implications. When analysing gait, it looks at impact force, stationary proportion, stride symmetry, duration, length, and regularity. This analysis can provide insight into any changes in gait long before these can be seen by ordinary visual analysis/assessment. This enables informed decisions to be made regarding future treatments and management of the dog’s condition and enables you to focus on the limb which requires treatment and enables us to plan appropriate management of the dog as a whole including not only the affected limb but any joints that are likely to have or develop compensation issues.

Dogs can be referred for analysis only to assist with diagnosis and for follow-up assessments for monitoring the progress and effectiveness of treatments and therapies. Dogs do not have to be receiving therapy here for them to be referred for this service analysis.